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Hi, welcome to Global Planet Jewelry Education Center ! Diamond rough

Buying jewelry is always an important decision. Often when entering jewelry store people feel intimidated because they don't feel knowledgeable about the product, so they tend to avoid such places altogether. To help you gain a new confidence and a better understanding of modern jewelry, we compiled some useful information on diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals, from jewelry publications, gemological institutions, and some of our own experience as jewelry lovers. As we are continually working to improve the quality and the accuracy of the information provided here, we hope to be forgiven the eventual errors that might have escaped our attention.

Enjoy your reading. 

Maori CarvingsIntroduction to a hidden marvel of the South Pacific: Maori unique handcrafted jewelry. Maori historical background. Maori culture origin Meaning of Maori designs in jewelery Maori Koru jewelry Maori Fish Hook (Hei-Matau) jewelry Maori Twist jewelry Maori Manaia jewelry
Jewelry Selection GuideThe use of jewelry as color and line has really nothing to do with its intrinsic worth. jewelry should be selected either to complete a outfit, or to give the keynote upon which the outfit is built. The jewelry you wear should be a harmonious part of your dressing.
jewelry precious metals GuideAll about Gold, Platinum, Silver, Sterling Silver, and Copper jewelry. What you need to know about jewelry precious metals before you buy How to care for your precious metal jewelry.
Diamonds Jewelry GuideAll about Diamond jewelry. What you need to know before you buy. Diamond enhancement treatments. Diamond imitations. How to care for your diamonds jewelry.
Gemstone Jewelry guideAll about Gemstone jewelry. What you need to know before you buy. Gemstone enhancement treatments. Gemstone imitations. How to care for your Gemstone jewelry. Aniversary stone.