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Jewelry Dressing Code

The Law of Harmony

The use of jewelry as color and line in modern dressing has really nothing to do with its intrinsic worth. Just as when furnishing a house, you would select pictures for certain rooms with regard to their decorative quality alone, their color in relation to the color scheme of the room, so jewelry should be selected either to complete a outfit, or to give the keynote upon which the outfit is built. For example planing to wear this marvellous green gown, you would far better reinforce the color scheme with some semi-precious stones than to insist on wearing your priceless rubies.

On the other hand, providing you own rubies and you wouldn't wear anything else that night, then plan a gown entirely with reference to them, not merely according to their shade of color, but also to the character of their setting, should it be distinctive.

The rule remains the same whether your jewelry are inherited and rich in souvenirs, or the last work of Cartier. The jewelry you wear should be a harmonious part of your dressing, or used with discretion against a costume planned in order to make it count as the principal decoration.

Jewelry must be worn to reveal, continue or terminate  your lines, highlight a good physical point, or soften a bad one. Remember that jewelry like any other object of art, is an ornament, and unless it is ornamental, and add to your attraction, it is worthless in a decorative way. For this reason you would be much better to find out by experimenting, the sort of jewelry is your affair, what kind of rings for example, are best suited to your kind of hands. It may be that small rings of delicate workmanship, set with colorless gems, will suit your hands; while your friend will look better in the larger, heavier sort, set with stones of deeper tones.

Finding out what one can and cannot wear is by no means a pointless waste of time; it is in fact wise preparation that in the end will save you time and money. As you gain confidence in your own artistic instinct, deciding of the jewelry to match our dressing style will be a snap. You will come to the realization that the most important criteria in your jewelry selection is you.

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